Corporate Events – Perth Magician Matt Swift

From the full blown annual Christmas party to the monthly sales meeting, awards night and everything in between, Matt’s show is sure to add value to your next event and make it stand out from the rest. Invite Matt to meet with you prior and you will see why he is the perfect option to entertain your employees and impress high-profile clients and senior management.

Magician Quote

Strolling Magic

Matt Swift is redefining the expectations of a magic performance with a unique blend of illusion and mind reading displays. Moving between small groups throughout the party, Matt’s charismatic performance is sure to delight your guests and leave them with a truly unforgettable experience. Tell them to expect miracles. They won’t be disappointed!

Stand-up Show

A popular addition to the strolling magic is Matt’s highly interactive stand-up show. This fast-paced display of world class slight-of-hand mixed with illusion and mind reading will astonish the most sceptical of audience members. Your guests will also be invited to join in the fun and form an integral part of the show. They will thank you for providing such an entertaining and unforgettable celebration!

Leadership and Team Development Magic?

Perth Magician, Matt Swift, is also available to present at corporate training events. Matt specialises in finding unconventional solutions to your leadership challenges and adding some ‘relevant’ fun to your team building events.

Matt’s highly interactive ‘performance’ is particularly well suited to the opening of your event. The aim is to prime your team to leave their egos and their current perspectives at the door when they start the day. From here you can make far more rapid progress in achieving behavioural changes in line with your set learning or development outcomes.

“With a background in military leadership, well versed in the art of instruction and the ‘unfair advantage’ of the flair of a magician – I love contributing to corporate training events to help you create a truly transformational experience for your team.”

If appropriate, Matt can also offer assistance in contributing to team discussions and even share his more extreme experiences that range from military service overseas, to the mindsets developed in team skydiving events, and even walking on fire!

“MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN!! You were awesome, the event wouldn’t have been the same without you!” Senior Executive Leadership Design Workshop

“Matt was very flexible in his approach and made the performance relevant to the topic of our team development day. He has great close up skills and left the team wanting more. Thanks for a great show!” HBF